Welcome to my UMW COVID-19 Experience

Hello there! My name is Megan Williams and I am a Junior at the University of Mary Washington (UMW) in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This is my website to document my COVID-19 adventures during this unconventional Spring Semester! I created this website because through this experience we are making history and I feel like I should be documenting my experiences! Additionally, as the Student Aide in our university’s Special Collections and University Archives, I wanted to be able to add to there “A Call to Contribute” initiative. As an aspiring Museum Curator, I love that Special Collections and University Archives are proactively taking steps to document and preserve Mary Washington’s response to this public health crisis and are inviting members of the UMW community to share their stories! So as a member of the UMW community here is my story!

If you are a member of the Mary Washington Community or another Institution looking to archive this extraordinary time in history check out this blog post made our Digital Resources Librarian.